For those who are keen to find the true Spirit of Kerala. Amazing secrets behind her cuisine, story telling art forms, rich and diverse culture, joy and security of  joint families, happy faces, respect for elders, value filled customs, innocence of villages, evergreen forests, stunning landscapes, spell of spices.
Different from other places in the Indian subcontinent, where it is sightseeing oriented, Kerala, a tropical piece of heaven, is more into relaxation and spirituality, which turns positive for Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation. Her serene backwaters, quiet flowing rivers, sleepy silent villages, beautiful long stretch of beaches, misty mysterious highlands and ‘all are invited’ culture supports the theme.
This is a humble effort to show you, how beautiful Kerala is and how charming her people and her culture is. We are not here to sell you any of our preset holiday packages. But to assist you in tailoring a good holiday package of your own. It may not be about your upcoming holiday or an Ayurveda treatment package or even an out of the world backwater experience on a houseboat, but if you are interested to know anything more about Kerala, we are waiting for you to complete the message form.

Spirit Of Kerala


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