About Kerala

A small stretch of land where we have everything for you from ethnic villages, 600 km beaches, unending channels of backwaters and rivers, green and misty hill stations, variety plantation estates, rich culture and heritage, colourful festivals and celebrations.

Located in the Southern corner of India, from centuries before Christ till now, everyone knows about Kerala. We had travellers, traders, well wishers and enthusiasts visiting our country from all over the world. Speaking about Kerala and her people, we are happy to share a space in our house for you or our traditionally cooked Kerala meal. Always happy to share our culture.

For tourist visitors in Kerala, best time to travel are October till March. You can even extend it till April. We have 4 different tourist season, where accommodation rates vary in each season. Low rates are from June till September, when it rains and everything is green and beautiful. And this is the time when people from all over the world reach Kerala for Ayurveda treatments. Peak season is usually from 20 December till 10 January every year. Varying from August or September, we have our harvest festival, Onam and we are in a mood for celebration. Plants are rich in flowers, happy faces everywhere, holidays, celebrations, shopping, picnics and so on.

If you like pure villages, innocent and charming people living in these villages, Kerala is one among the right places. If you are visiting villages and planning for a village walk or bicycling, it is good to carry some colour pencils, colouring books and sweets for the village children. You can visit villages while on a houseboat cruise, staying at hill stations, beaches or backwater destinations.

Half a century back, Kerala gave more importance for food crops like rice, tapioca, vegetables and a variety of roots. Now it is more into cash crops such as coconut, rubber, tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom, areca nut, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon. You can find most of these cultivation at villages or when you travel to highlands of Kerala. Now, the younger generation more are into software jobs and tourism. Many of the heritage houses are already converted into home stays inviting international travellers.

The historic city of Fort Cochin which follows a fusion culture, unearthed Roman and Jewish treasures at Muziris, Wayanad and North Kerala, scriptures and sculptures dated centuries before Christ and old settlements in the interior villages attracts plenty of archaeologists to Kerala.

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Kerala Road Distance Chart

Kerala road distance chart


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