F A Q for planning Kerala Holiday


Frequently asked questions, less asked questions and not asked questions, which are helpful while planning a holiday or an Ayureda treatment package to Kerala.

What is the right time to visit Kerala

Truly, all the months of an year are worth visiting Kerala. Depends on person to person and reason to reason. If you love rains, full flowing rivers, rich grenary, cheap rates at luxury accommodations and Ayurveda treatments, fun time at houseboat journey, monsoon is the best! – June till September.

If you love sunny climate and would like to travel a lot, go for months from October till February. Sunny but cool, December and January. If heat is alright for you, March, April and May – But the goverment warns to avoid going out in the Sun from 11 am till 3 pm. These seasons, rates are higher at accommodations. Specially Christmas and New Year weeks. Say, 20 December till 10 Jnaury every year. And some hotels and housbeoats do charge compulsory dinner supplement for Christmas and New Year eve.

What is the right time to do Ayurveda in Kerala

Again, all seasons and good for doing Ayurveda. Some say monsoon. The reason behind it is, before, it rained for days and months in Kerala. Our main income was agriculture. And when it rain cats and dogs, no works are possible, no travelling possible. So this ‘do nothing’ time was utilised for treating sickness and recharging the body. Rest for the body is the main element while doing Ayurveda treatments. So it matches.

Can I mix holiday and Ayurveda

It is a NO and YES question. The body needs complete rest while doing Ayureda treatment as the body will be very delicate. It is said that when you do a 7/14 days treatment, you need another 7/14 days rest for the body. Else it can cause harm. So it is advisable to do Ayurveda at the last steps of your holiday or plan an exclusive rejuvenating Ayurveda holiday or a serious Ayurveda treatment package where you travel less – make use of the hammocks, coconut groves, beach, backwater, hill or village locations to relax your body and mind.

Is Yoga possible for every body

It is advisable to consult your doctor or yoga master before joining yoga classes or sessions. Sone Yoga practices are not suitable for thise whu suffer from high blood pressure, heart diseases, back ache or those while on pregnancy. Those yoga practices which are not correctly followed or taught can result in insomnia, tensions and other issues. Again, please, note, too much of anything is not good


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