Kalari Kovilakom, the Palace of Ayurveda is a luxury Ayurveda hospital which takes you very very seriously. Located in the old princely capital town of Kollengode, North Kerala, in the foothills of the Annamalai range bordering tantric Tamil Nadu.

Kalari Kovilakom, the sister concern of Kalari Rasayana, is the palace of the ancient Vengunad Kingdom in Kerala now converted into a palace for Ayurveda, offers Ayurveda in its most authentic and substantive form as the Rajas of Vengunad would have had it. Adhering to the strict tenets of Ayurveda , the treatment offered is a combination of the physical, psychological and spiritual therapies in an approach to health that is as relevant to the modern world as it was to the ancient world. Nothing has been re-invented, nothing diluted. The Ayurveda treatments are complimented and supported by yoga and meditation practices.

‘The Palace’ is by no means an ashram. While living in the comforts of “The Palace”, we invite you to have only a glimpse of an experience of a lifestyle that was advocated in the Ancient Indian traditions. This lifestyle helps you to balance your energies, to balance the outer, material world and the inner, spiritual world, leaving you refreshed, energetic and a more whole person.

Treatment rooms and Palace rooms

Kovilakom Suite at Kalari Kovilakom

10 Ayurveda treatment rooms, Ayurvedic beauty therapy center, Extensive gardens growing Ayurvedic herbs, Yoga, meditation and chanting hall, Well-stocked library, Traditional Kalari arena, Spaces for music and cultural performances. All 18 suites in Kalari Kovilakom are spacious and heritage/traditional in styles. The Old Guest Wing are 20’s colonial Western-styled rooms. The Palace Wing carry traditional Kerala architecture. Rooms are divided as Venugunad Suite, Kovilakom Suite and Attic Room.


What to expect and what not to

A minimum stay of 14 day is compulsory to complete a course or a procedure. Lesser days are not entertained. The center serves Ayurvedic vegetarian food, prepared in the exclusive Ayurvedic kitchen. The food served is strictly based on your therapies, constitution as well as treatments and varies accordingly.


No tea, no coffee, no cigarette, no liquor, no game rooms, no shopping expeditions, no television sets…. The evenings are alive with chanting and hymns, unspoiled by the sounds of the city. You are in a space like no other on earth…. Personalised yoga Training, demonstrations of Kalaripayattu and Kerala’s traditional Martial Arts are also favourite for the inmates.

Three pillars of Ayurveda treatment followed at Kalari Kovilakom

Oushada: Medicines.
Aahara: Food.
Vihara: Lifestyle / activities /exercises.

A brief description of life while you are at Kalari Kovilakom

All Ayurveda treatments can only commence after detoxification of the body. As in any Detox therapy the initial days can prove to be uncomfortable. What is essential is that you come here with an open mind and work along with the Doctors to overcome your problems rather than resist them. The detoxing here is done through the intake of medicated Ghee – which is clarified, unsalted butter. The quantity of the Ghee is increased every day and during this period, you will be put on a very light diet and have to drink plenty of water.

With this therapy your system will be fully saturated with the medicated Ghee which in general would take a minimum of 3 days but varies from person to person. After the Doctor has taken you off the Ghee therapy, you are put on a normal diet for a couple of days before being administered a medication to purge your system of all the ghee, which by now would have absorbed all the accumulated toxins in your system. It is only after this that the actual Ayurveda therapies begin, during which time you will be given different types of massages & treatments using medicated powders, pouches with leaves & cooked rice in them and different medicated oils, supplemented with internal medications as required. All of which will again vary from individual to individual.

Kalari Kovilakom treatment

Apart from the Ayurveda treatment, which includes the special diets, herbs, oils and massages, we also focus on Yoga and meditation. The Yoga taught and practiced every morning is in general very simple, wellness Asanas & Pranayama sessions, as hard exercising during Ayurveda therapy is not encouraged. Yoga Nidra is an integral part of the Yoga therapy and is included in the daily schedule. Typically after you have undergone detoxification and purgation, you will have two massages / treatments every day and on an average each massage / treatment takes up to 1 ½ to 2 hrs.

The Diet at Kalari Kovilakom

The food here is based on Sattvic diet which is strictly vegetarian and mainly uses locally sourced vegetables like Yam, various types of Gourds, Drumsticks, Okra, Aubergine, and a wide variety of leafy spinach, pulses, lentils and fresh coconut. In addition, as Ayurveda does not permit the serving of raw food, salads are not part of the daily regime but certain fruits like fresh Pineapple, Guavas and Pomegranates are served. Herbal teas are also served which are prescribed by the doctor. It is interesting to note that all the dishes are cooked with almost no oil, salt, chilly or any other spices and is yet unbelievably tasty.


Various dishes having been painstakingly researched and indigenously created to strictly adhere to the principles & dietary restrictions laid down by Ayurveda and Yoga. Therefore, although we are not able to offer you a wide variety of dishes, we find that without fail all our ones enjoy Kalari’s fascinatingly simple yet unique diet food which is always customised for each one, as per the Doctor’s prescription.

Some of the ‘lifestyle challenges’ you might have to overcome and accept during your stay with us, would be the total absence of coffee/tea and likewise no meat, fish, eggs, bread, milk or sugar are served here. Further the use of alcohol & cigarettes are not permitted, as it opposed to the healing traditions of Ayurveda.


A daily routine at Kalari Kovilakom

05:30am – A typical day in Kalari starts early with a wakeup call.
05:45am – A session of basic yoga Asana’s for an hour.
07:00am to 08:00am – Breakfast
10:30am – Juice or fruit
08:30am to 1130 – Massages : One session of Ayurveda treatment (depending on the type of treatment, on some days this may be skipped) & yoga (meditation)
12:30pm to 01:00pm – Lunch
02:00pm to 05:00pm – Massages : One session of Ayurveda treatment & yoga (depending on the type of treatment, on some days this also may be skipped)
04:00pm – Fruit or Juice
05:00pm to 06:30pm – We encourage you to go for a walk in the property or read a book.
06:30pm to 07:30pm – Supper

Evenings in Kalari Kovilakom

Life at Kalari is very restful with everything focusing and revolving around healing your body & mind, hence during the course of the treatments your activities are strictly restricted to within the premises. Keeping this in mind, after dinner hours are for Satsangs (interactive discussions) on Ayurveda, Diet, Yoga, Chanting or Meditation sessions lasting 20 to 30 minutes.


Payments can also be made in Indian Rupee as per the currency convertion rate on booking confirmation date.

Inclusions of package rates Kalari Kovilakom

  • Pick up & drop from Cochin/ Coimbatore airport
  • Doctors consultations
  • Accommodation
  • Three sets of fine cotton uniform
  • All Ayurvedic treatments & medications
  • Daily Yoga sessions
  • All meals – a strict vegetarian menu as per the Doctors prescription

Kalari Rasayana Expertism

  • Panchakarma
  • Rejuvenation therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Slimming or Weight Loss treatments
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Stress management or Anti stress treatments
  • Skin treatments
  • Anti – Aging

Check in / Check out time.Check in: 08:00 am / Check out: 08:00 am.

The nearest International Airport to Kalari Kovilakom is Cochin, 105 km and Coimbatore Airport, 75 km.
Address: Payyallur, Kollengode, Palakkad, Kerala 678506

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