Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Ayurvedic Resort Athirappally

Ayurveda in Kerala, Exclusive Locations

Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Ayurvedic Resort at Athirappally is a green leaf certified resort located in the middle of herbal of gardens and by the side of Chalakkudy river. Neighbouring the gorgeous Athirapally waterfalls.

One among the new ventures of Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala, with a 150 year old tradition. A setting that provide the sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. 14 Fully equipped cottages and pure Kerala cuisine.

The general types of Ayurvedic treatments offered at the center

Uzhichil, Elakizhi, Navarakizhi, Podikizhi, Udvarthanam, Thalapothichil, Dhanyamladhara, Pizhichil, Sirodhara, Sirovasthy, Snehapanam, Kadeevasthy, Thalam, Lepanam, Pichu, Avagaham, Upanaham, Nethratharpanam, Putapakam, Nethradhara, Aschyothanam, Mukhalepam, Vamanam, Virechanam, Nasyam, Snehavasthy and Kashayavasthy.

The center provide all kinds of ayurvedic and panchakarama treatments including treatments regarding Obesity and weigh-loss or weight management, weight gain, detoxification, diabetes, psoriasis, joint pain, spice care, rejuvenation, stress management etc.


The resort provides 14 cottages for the patients. All the rooms are similar. Except room without air condition is standard and with air condition is deluxe. There is also a small single room with an attached small bath space which is usually provided for outpatients.

Developed by the ancestors, there are certain special treatments mentioned as below, which is provided at Ayursoukhyam.

Soothika (Post natal care treatment for mother and child)

This is an after pregnancy package. Soothika package ensures the health of mother and child.The treatment is formulated in special way to revitalize the energy and to prevent future health complications for both mother and child.

Child Care Package

‘Kaumarbhrytam’, one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, concentrates on the good health of children. Ayurvedic preparations are used in order to build a healthy body and sharp intellect, right from conception to adulthood. With special emphasis on baby care, Ayurveda emphasizes on the use of certain tonics and medications that can develop immunity power, intelligence in the children and shield them from various kinds of diseases. Ayurveda improve immunity, and will results in proper digestion which in turn results in proper absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body and resulting in healthier mind and body development of children.

Sports & Fitness Programme

Sports and fitness persons are subjected to hard exercise and training schedules which results in damage of muscle ligaments and tissues. In due course, the damaged muscle ligaments and tissues becomes in plastic stage losing its elasticity. Ayurveda has very good treatments and medicines for this defect.

Computer Related Injuries (For Software & IT professionals)

This package is a combination of these ayurvedic therapies. Ayursoukhyam offers yoga & meditation, diet & life style corrections,ayurvedic massages, rejuvenation & panchakarma therapies. Most of the issues of Computer related injuries (CRI) are caused by Vatha aggravation due to improper work habits. Ayurveda suggests a lot of therapeutic techniques which neutralizes the vatha aggravation which prevent Computer Related Injuries.

Family Health Packages (For entire family health and well being)

Family health package concentrate on the heatlh of each and every one in the family.

Vayodhika (Old age care)

This package heals problems which may arises due to weakness of muscles and other life style diseases. Specially formulated medicines and treatments heal the health problems of old age at treated completely. The utmost care and warm environment make them stress free and help them to enjoy their second child hood healthy.

The strength of the center

  • Specialized and authentic treatments developed for spine and back pain problems.
  • Specialized medicines developed from the text of Ayurveda.
  • Specialized and experienced doctor’s and masseurs.
  • Specialized and organized treatment plan.
  • Well equipped treatment centers at affordable costs.
  • 5 Hospitals across Kerala & a Team of 600 + staffs.
  • Own R&D unit for developing new medicines and holistic treatments.
  • ISO 9001-2000 certified company with GMP certification

Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Ayurvedic Resort at Athirappally is only 35 Kilometers from Cochin International airport.

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