Treatments in Ayurveda

Ayurveda Treatments in Kerala

Treatments in Ayurveda are focused to prevent chances of diseases in a healthy person and to cure the diseased person. As we know, treatments in Ayurveda is a stream of the knowledge passed on from one generation to another from teachers to their students, father to next generations.

As it rains heavy, Monsoon is considered not a great time to visit Kerala for holidays. Travellers have no choice but to remain confined to their abodes. However, if you are planning to rejuvenate your body and recharge your spirits, then monsoon is the best season to visit Kerala. If you are planning to club Ayurveda package with holiday, keep Ayurveda as the first in the list. Your body will be very delicate after the treatments.

Many of the cures and procedures in Ayurveda are lost. The treatments and formulas were not written or passed on by word of mouth. Some were died with the masters, not have taught to next generations. Many of the medicinal plants became extinct. But some families, who has secret formulas, still do keep their great tradition of Ayurveda from generations to generations. And sure the government of India is doing its best to bring back this true science of life. Now we have Ayurveda colleges, hospitals, Ayurveda resorts etc to promote the goodness of Ayurveda across the world.

We have treatments for diseases by hereditary and by life style. Now a most demanded treatment is for Obesity and for Diabetics. Find below some of the common treatment procedures done in Ayurveda and its benefits.


Panchakarma is done to eliminate doshas from the body. As per Ayurveda, diseases are a result of imbalance of doshas. When the increase of dosha is in a large quantity, the best way to get cured faster is expelling the doshas out. Panchakarma, the five procedures, is performed on a patient for getting them cured but even by healthy persons for maintaining the health.

Five procedures for Panchakarma

1. Vaman – Emesis – induced vomiting.
2. Virechan – Purgation – induced laxation.
3. Vasti – Medicated enemas of decoctions or oils.
4. Nasya – Nasal medication.
5. Rakta-mokshan – Blood letting

Benefits of Panchakarma

1. The vitiated doshas will be eliminated from the body through the elementary tract.
2. Digestion and metabolism is enhanced.
3. Diseases are cured and health is restored
4. Clear sense faculties, mind, intelligence and complexion.
5. Gains strength.
6. The individual will not be affected by old age easily and lives long healthily.
7. Rejuvenates the body.
8. Increases power of Immunity and prevents diseases in the body.
9. Nourishes the body.
10.Revitalises the nervous system.


This is one of the most popular therapies for the preservation of health described in Ayurveda. It is the process by which the body of an individual is anointed with oil. According to Ayurveda all people who are healthy (Swastha) and those who wish to have good health and long life span should have Abhyangam regularly. Normally Abhyanga is performed in 7 body postures for duration of 30 to 45 minutes.


Benefits of Abhyangam

1. Enhances the age and reduces wrinkles.
2. Relieves tiredness and weakness.
3. Relieves the Vata in the body.
4. Improves the eyesight.
5. Tones up the Body Tissues and strengthens the body.
6. Induces sound sleep.
7. Gives a glossy and soft skin.
8. Improves the general health of the individual.
9. Improves blood circulation.
10.Reduces body aches & pains.
11.Cures spondylosis.

Ela kizhi AKA Patra Potala Swedam

The ‘kizhi’ massage with medicinal leaves. This is one of the classical traditional massages of Ayurveda. The patient will be treated with suitable oil and will be massaged with the help of the bolus bag or kizhi on the affected part of the body or the whole body. Various medicinal leaves like Tamarind, Calotropis gigantia, Ricinus communis, Drum stick, Vietx negundo, Adatoda vascica, Datura stramonium, etc are used for this procedure.


Benefits of Elakizhi

1. Strengthens the muscles.
2. Relieves body pain, numbness and shivering.
3. Improves skin complexion and Rejuvenates the body.
4. Good for arthritis, paralysis, convulsion, and rheumatoid arthritis.
5. Relieves pain in diseases like Slip Disc (IVDP), Sciatica. etc.


Like Ela kizhi, but in this treatment uses powdered herbs. These herbs are applied throughout the body using warm reticules.


Benefits of Podikizhi

1. Insomnia problems, stimulates the nervous system.
2. Helpful for myosceletic problems, arthritis, backaches, joint aches, shoulder aches.
3.It revives the cells of the skin and offers glow and vitality.

Traditional Kalari Marma Massage

Traditional Kalari marma massage which is a hand Massage is another popular and most demanded Ayurvedic massage. This is mainly practiced in Kalari’s where people practice martial arts. This Kerala specialty massage consists of 54 different strokes, which should be performed in sequence. This massage protects the body from any injury to the vital points in the body which is known as Marmas and also improves the health of muscles and joints. This is now a days used mostly for sports injuries.

Kalari Marma Massage

Benefits of Kalari Marma Massage

1. If done on the day before of any form of strenuous or prolonged exercise, will condition the body and help to prepare it for the coming exertion.
2. After muscular activity, Marma massage helps to drain metabolic waste, relaxes tired muscles and brings them fresh blood.
3. Enhances the quality of life and combats many of the most common problems of aging.
4. Protects and revitalizes the MARMAS.
5. Relaxed, strong, healthy and young body.
6. Resistance against diseases, stimulating the production of antibodies and strengthens hormones, fluids and lymph, blood, flesh, bones, teeth, nails, bone marrow and semen/ovum

Kadeevasthi AKA Kadi Vasti

This is a special treatment where warm medicated oil is kept over the lower end of the vertebral region for a certain time.This treatment is very effective in treating low back pain, sciatica, slipped disc, neurological diseases of lower limb, etc. The patient is made to lie down on the stomach. The affected vertebral region is traced and the dough (Made of wheat flour) is kept in a circular structure so that oil can be retained in.

Kadi Vasti

Benefits of Kadi Vasti

1. Relieves pain in sciatica and Inter Vertebral Disc Prolepses (I V D P).
2. Relieves low back pain.
3. Stimulates and nourishes nerves relieving pain and numbness.

Navarakizhi AKA Njavarakizhi or Shashtika Pinda Swedam

This therapy is mostly used for rejuvenation. Here a special type of rice called “Navara” is used for massaging. The rice is cooked with a mixture of “Sida cordifolia” decoction and cows milk. The Bolus bag containing medicated rice is dipped in the mixture containing decoction and cow’s milk and made warm.

Njavara Kizhi

Benefits of Njavarakizhi

1. Makes the body supple and removes stiffness.
2. Calms the mind and reduces the stress.
3. Promotes sound sleep.
4. Boosts immune system and slows the aging process.
5. Enhances body nourishment and rejuvenates.
6. Improves lustre and texture of the skin.
7. Sharpens the sense organs.
8. Pacifies Vata Dosha.
9. Strengthens and nourishes the nervous system.


This procedure is bone by pouring medicated oil, milk or medicated buttermilk on the forehead or third eye continuously for a specific period. When the Shirodhara is done with medicated oil, it is called Thaila Dhara. When done with milk it is called Ksheera Dhara and when done with medicated buttermilk it is called Takra Dhara. Generally two attenders are needed to do this therapy.


Benifits of Sirodhara

1. Polio
2. Paralysis
3. Autism
4. Attention Deficit Disorder
5. Peripheral or Vascular Headache
6. Migraine
7. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
8. Stress management
9. Exam phobia
10.Psychological problems
11.Neurological conditions
13.Anxiety Neurosis
14.Drugs De addiction
15.Hair fall
16.High blood pressure

Janu Vasti

This procedure is done on knee joints. The knee joint is bathed with warm medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction. Depending on the condition it can be practiced over both the knee joints or on one knee joint. Knee joints are considered as Sandhi Marma in Ayurveda – joint type of vital areas – which measure about three fingers.

Janu Vasti

Benifits of Janu Vasti

1. Pacifies aggravated Vata dosha in the knee region.
2. Restores the lubricating fluid in the joint and maintain integrity of the structures involved in the joint.
3. Removes stiffness and pain in Knee joint.
4. Protects knee joints from age related changes.
5. Increases blood circulation; thus strengthens and nourishes the knee joints.
6. Improves the mobility of the knee joints.

Netra Vasti

This procedure is popularly called as kriyakalpa for eye diseases. This is ideally prescribed after a course of a body detox program preferably, Virechana (therapeutic purgation) and a course of Nasyam (nasal instillation of medicated drops).

Netra Vasti

Benifits of Netra Vasti

1. Balances Vata and pitta doshas.
2. Improves vision.
3. Removes dark circles under the eyes.
4. Revitalizes and rejuvenates tired, dry, rough and injured eyes
5. Strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes.
6. For strain due to constant use of computer, television, jewellery designing jobs, long distance drive etc.
7. Prevents formation of cataract


This is a process traditionally followed once a year to keep the body fit and healthy and prevent ageing of cells and tissues.

Pouring lukewarm medicated oil, over the body by two or more trained masseurs in a specific rhythmic manner continuously for 60 minute. Various medicated oils like Bala aswagandhadi oil, Dhanwantaram oil, Mahanarayan oil, etc are used. The choice of the oil depends upon the condition of the patient after consultation. This treatment is recommended for extremely high Vata dosha types, muscular aches and pains, rheumatic problems, osteo arthritis, insomnia, depression, sexual problems etc.


Benifits of Pizhichil

1. Increases vitality and body immunity.
2. A soothing and relaxing procedure.
3. Prescribed in clinical conditions like paraplegia, hemiplegia and other Vata dominant ailments.


This treatment is meant for obesity related problems. It increases blood circulation, tones up the body and melts subcutaneous fat. Here the massage is done with herbal powder.This is a deep tissue massage using medicated herbal powder. This massage involves upward stroking to hair follicles by two therapists, where the powder is rubbed forcibly on the body. The herbal powder is warmed by heating.


Benifits of Udvardhanam

1. Pacifies the aggravated Kapha dosha
2. Reduces the excess fat accumulated in the subcutaneous tissues
3. Softens and exfoliates dead skin cells, thereby giving a lustrous glow to skin
4. Detoxification, purification, toning the skin
5. Eliminates bad body odor
6. Improves mobility of joints
7. Strengthens and tones up the muscles
8. Refreshes and rejuvenates the body
9. Takes care of conditions due to improper blood supply
10.Improves the circulation; opens up the body channels (Srotus) increasing the basal metabolic rate.
11.Tones up the skin and muscles after the child birth
12.Removes cellulite and helps in weight reduction
13.Improves the sense of touch
14.Makes the body and mind alert; gives a sense of lightness of the body
15.Reduces the blood cholesterol

Greeva vasti

‘Greeva’ refers to the neck region. In this procedure, medicated oil is retained in the neck region for a certain period of time. The completely sealed wall boundary is made with the paste of black gram powder or wheat powder in the greeva. Dhanwantaram tailam, kottomchukkadi tailam, sahacharadi tailam,murivenna etc. are some of the medicated oils used for greeva vasti. The ayurveda oil is selected depending up on the conditions of the patient or instructions from the doctor.

Greeva Vasti

Benifits of Greeva vasti

1. Improves circulation,
2. Improves muscle and connective tissue strength.
3.Lubricates the joints and promotes its flexibility.
4.Alleviates cervical spondylitis, stiff neck, sore muscles, upper back aches etc.

Mutta Kizhi AKA Kukkudanda Swedam

Sudation done using egg-yolk, lemon, garlic and some herbal powders are made into two Bolus form in a cotton cloth and are heated in medicated oil and apply on the affected part after a Therapeutic massage.

Benefits of Mutta Kizhi

1.Improves the strength of the muscles
2.As a pain reliever in condition like slip disc,sciatica
3.Act as anti-ageing therapy
4.Improves skin complexion
5.Reduces chronic back ache

Mukhakanthi Lepam

This is an exclusive facial which uses a unique combination of invaluable herbs, fruits and sandalwood pastes as face masks. This rejuvenates and nourishes the skin and imparts a radiant glow on the face. This facial perfectly matches all skin types.

Mukha Lepam

This facial can be used for all types of skin. Herbal medicines are used for face packs, scrubbing, steaming and face massages. This gives a clearer and fairer appearance for the face.

Ayurveda Treatments in Kerala


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