A random Deluxe Houseboat Gallery for those houseboats that cruise along Kerala backwaters, rivers and villages.

Other than Luxury Houseboats and Boutique Houseboats, we have a handful of good traditional style Deluxe Houseboats. The above scrolling images are samples of houseboat we choose for your holiday. We hand pick the best from the selected operators who maintain their boats in good condition and who train and appoint locally available work force. A captain from the locality who knows interesting cruise routes, a cook who knows local delicacies and a helper to keep your houseboat in a good condition.

Living room Deluxe Houseboats

A deluxe houseboat comes with plenty of open space. Very airy, bright and clean. They comes with en suite bedroom, verantha, dining space, a neat kitchen, lounge with easy chair or comfortable sofa behind the captain for watching sites. Attached bathrooms come with all standard equipment like shower and a western toilet. Clean linen, blankets, towels and kitchenware. For those who cannot miss their favourite television shows, a flat television can also be provided. But it is to be noted that most areas in the backwater, we may not get proper range or connection.

Deluxe houseboats are second only to the luxury house boats in its features. Suitable when you decide to choose a decent cruise option without an exorbitant price tag. These boats have furnished interiors with wooden décor and comfortable seating. The bedrooms are tastefully furnished and have all the conveniences including mosquito repellent machine and wardrobe. Concerning your safety, the government has banned any new houseboats with upper deck. For the same reason, we too do not recommend them. But if you insist, sure we will find a good boat with upper deck.


A houseboat is about 18 to 21 meters long and about 5 meter wide at the middle. The hull which is made of hundreds of fine but heavy-duty planks of Jack-wood or Anjili is held together absolutely by coir knots. This framework is then coated with a caustic black resin extracted from boiled cashew kernels. And it lasts for generations. The roof is made of bamboo poles and palm leaves. The exterior of the boat is painted with protective coats of cashew nut oil. Palm leaves tied over bamboo poles form the roof of these houseboats. 90% houseboats use wood for building hull and roofs are thatched. Others use fiber and other materials.

Now houseboats use outboard engine which keeps your river cruise calm and silent. Poles are used only for taking sharp turns or in narrow areas. As the houseboats take their new forms and shapes, became larger than before, punting or using pole for forward or backward movement has become next to impossible.


Air-condition in Deluxe Houseboats are switched on at night after dinner till morning 6 am. Special packages with full time air conditioning are also available on special request. Normally it is Rs.2000 – 3000 extra per night. Like any houseboats, Deluxe boats to halt for evening rest by 5:30 in the evening and restarts cruise by 7 – 8 am. Mean time, you can watch the night fishermen take their nets off the water.

We wish you a memorable backwater holiday.

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