Payment and Cancellation

Payment and Cancellation Policy Spirit OF Kerala

Payment and Cancellation

On confirmation, we pay 20% to suppliers to ensure that booking is held. This is non-refundable. But if by any chance we can retain it from the suppliers, it is done! And we are happy about it. The balance amount can be paid usually one month before arrival. Houseboats, balance payments can normally be paid at the houseboat – unless specified. For payments, we have bank transfer facility.

We know how it feels to cancel a much exited and awaited holiday. Let it not happen to anyone who plan to travel with Spirit of Kerala. Let every one be happy and only good things happen in everyone’s life. To be on a safer side, we recommend all travellers to purchase travel insurance against any last minute cancellations. This should be done from the departing country. In case of cancellations, we follow the mentioned policies. We wish all the holidayers a good time in Kerala.

Cancellations received more than 30 days before arrival: Refund of balance.
Cancellations 30-15 days: 50%.
Cancellations within 15 days: No Refund.

Train tickets cancellations be followed as per the Railway’s policy.
Flight tickets cancellations be followed as per the airlines company’s policy.

We can assist you regarding e-flight-tickets through our local agents where we need to pay them in full to get the tickets issued. We remember the days where flight tickets could be secured for few days with out payment. As everything changes, this system too changed.

Please note that after the finalisation of the Tour/ service cost, if there are any change/increase in entrance fees of monuments / museums, Taxes, fuel cost or guide charges by the government, the same would be charged as extra. We will try our best not to bother you with these changes.


Thank you for making it an exceptional experience.
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