Very friendly and welcoming

Tijo, I want to thank you for everything you did for us. The drivers have all been great. We thoroughly enjoyed the houseboat cruise. The staff was great – very friendly and welcoming. The fittings of the boat exceeded our expectations. Our driver today stopped at a festival in Allepey and we saw the temple elephant which was great. We never would have known about it without him.

Do you get reviewed on trip advisor or elsewhere? I’d be happy to write a very high recommendation for you. Let me know the right place to do that.


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Customer Name: Ira Wagner
Nationality: The United States
Date of Service: 24 – 27 December 2017. Fennel 3 bed room luxury houseboat and local holidays.
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Will definitely be a next time with your team
“Thank you Tijo and team for a well planned and executed holiday! Houseboat was an amazing experience, pick up and transfers were spot on time. Will definitely be a next time with your team. Customer Name: Hima Devi Nationality: Indian (Lives in Singapore) Date... Read More